Just getting ready to launch my Hugo powered blog.

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
     fmt.Println("Hello World!")


I suppose I should make some notes on what I’m doing. This likely won’t be complete but should capture all the major steps.

First, I dug through the Hugo site looking for a good starter theme. I eventually decided on Solar a Hugo riff on a Ghost theme.

I’m planning on using them as a starting point and will be expanding it out in an off-shoot theme. I don’t think it will be too crazy, just changes to page headers and footers maybe.

I hadn’t updated my local Hugo install in a while so I grabbed it via go get.

go get github.com/gohugoio/hugo

Next, I made sure all the modules were installed. I’m on my Windows machine at the moment which doesn’t have Go modules enabled by default as of yet so we turn that on.

GO111MODULE=on go mod tidy

Now to create the base site and grab the theme.

hugo site new shindakun.dev
cd shindakun.dev
git submodule add https://github.com/bake/solar-theme-hugo

I then created my sub-theme “Solara”, which is in a private repo for now and added it to my site.

git submodule add https://github.com/shindakun/solara-hugo

We need to add both themes to the config so we edit config.toml and add the line:

theme = ["solara-hugo-test", "solar-theme-hugo"]

This will load my modifications first and then fall back to the basic theme. I imagine that at some point mine will be customized enough that I can remove the base.

Quick Updates

I wanted to make a few quick changes but didn’t want to think to hard so I borrowed some ideas for a few things from another Hugo theme Binario. This is mostly so I can get a handle on the best set up for a theme and make some tweaks pretty quickly. I borrowed Binario’s 404 page and its basic 404 CSS. This also allows me to test including a custom CSS file just for Solara. It works exactly as expected so, that’s nice.

Post Content

I’m thinking I’ll have content/posts as a submodule separate repo so I can keep that repo separate. I have been toying with a new method of working on posts and that may fit in nicely. It also keeps much of the raw content on its own so it can basically be dropped in anywhere.


  • Clone shindakun.dev repo
  • Install submodules, Solar and Solara
  • Clone posts repo


The site will be living on a Digital Ocean server and will be deployed from there.

hugo -d /path/to/site

No fancy deploy process for now. I’ll probably over engineer some sort of CI thing. Or maybe a commit webhook that will fetch and build the latest site.

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